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The Educational Phylosophy of Monte Sienna School

Monte Sienna nurture its students with knowledge and values, imparting it with affection and discipline just like home.

A caring motherly love is always what is needed to encourage every student to aim for success. We teach by example.

Opportunity knocks only but once, hence Monte Sienna utilize the best of educational tools that would continously align students to its environment.

The school program is designed to nourish and satisfy the yearning of every student for quality education. Technology will be utilized too as contributive tool in enhancing wisdom, hence E-Learning will be introduced as part of its modern educational methodolgy.

Persistent encouragement to strive and long for success is the cultural attitude of the school has for its learners in conforming into leaders who has the encompassing love for the Supreme Creator, for others and for himself.

Monte Sienna Videos

The Chairman

Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.

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Meet Our Staff

Close with who our academes and staffs Monte Sienna school’s

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Vision and Mision

The school envisions the child to be an ACHIEVER which means

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Gallery Monte Sienna school activities months and years

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