TK ( Kindergarten )

Students entering kindergarten may bring varied life experiences, social skills and characteristics of physical and intellectual development. They enter kindergarten with a wide range of individual differences.
Sekolah Monte Sienna Curriculum for Kindergarten is focused on the students to learn the skills that set them on the path to become lifelong readers, writers and effective communicators.
Thus the curriculum aims to develop foundational skills that prepare students for learning in all areas such as:


Language and Reading Readiness

Our kindergarten language arts contains numerous learning activities, as well as worksheets and teaching materials that are primarily based on phonics, verbal comprehension, reading fluency, vocabulary building and following instructions. It is in kindergarten that the foundation of beginning skills are taught.
Sekolah Monte Sienna kindergarteners learn through guided lessons, direct teaching that focus on the alphabet and letter sounds, phonetic awareness and rhyming words. Through a series of pre-reading, reading comprehension and prewriting activities students will further develop strategies such as recalling details, drawing conclusions and summarizing stories. Kindergarten culminates with a thorough review of phonics highlighting letter and sound recognition.
Our kindergarten instruction focuses on the development of receptive and expressive language. The students learn to recognize, identify, comprehend and write letters, words and sentences. Students study the sound structure of language and learn how to read and write using real letters to spell out words phonetically.

Physical Development and Movement

Students learn many ways to move through space and respond to their teachers’ instruction to hop, turn, wiggle or be still. Our kindergarten students are taught to use this ability to control their movements, express ideas and respond to different types of music. They also learn to distinguish between everyday movements and dance movements.


Science and Cultural Arts

Whether the child attended preschool or not students bring to kindergarten the spatial, temporal and casual understandings gained from their families and communities.
As early as kindergarten, students of Sekolah Monte Sienna are guided to explore the meaning of good citizenship by learning rules and working together. The students need guidance in understanding the purpose of rules in school and at home and why they are necessary.
In Science, our kindergarten students are allowed to participate to share their ideas and experiences thus providing them opportunities to change and revise understanding of previous knowledge.
The teachers prepare hands – on activities and games for the students to help develop their skills by using their sense of sight, sound and touch. A variety of objects are given to them, to learn how to classify, compare and sort objects.


Mathematics Readiness

Our kindergarten students are introduced to the relationship between numbers and quantities and build a foundation for place value as they count, represent and compare whole numbers, initially with sets of objects. Students also describe and model objects in their environment using simple geometric shapes and vocabulary.