A character formation institution committed to bring out the full potential of the student base on knowledge and values in order to adapt in an ever changing society.

Sebuah lembaga pembentukan karakter yag berkomitmen untuk mewujudkan potensi penuh dari setiap siswa berdasarkan pengetahuan dan nilai-nilai agar dapat beradaptasi dalam masyarakat yang terus berubah.

Artistic ,  athletic , and can readily adjust to an ever changing society.

Confident , cause oriented and concern to the needs of other people

Helpful , warm – hearted , honest and honorable leader and member of his family, community and the world

Intelligent and inspiring to others

Energetic and enduring for any form of personal, physical and social pains.

Very accommodating and has warmth in dealing with new and old acquaintances.

Enterprising but reasonably and generously.

Religious and the god he/she believes in , is primarily important to him / her.


SEKOLAH  MONTE  SIENNA is committed to provide quality education that will develop an individual to an Achiever who is value-oriented and service-oriented and bearer of good will to mankind.

Sekolah Monte Sienna berkomitmen untuk memberikan pendidikan berkualitas yang akan mengembangkan seorang individu mencapai kesuksesan yang berorientasi pada nilai nilai dan pelayanan serta membawa kebaikan bagi umat manusia.